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Childhood Education Icon

Education, Child Development, & Family Services


Education Pathway is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills for learning or professional support positions in education from prekindergarten to grade twelve. Students learn about human development, positive guidance, age/ grade appropriate learning strategies, learning theories, regulations, standard-based curriculum and instructional design. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Before/After School Program Aide, Primary/Secondary School Teacher, School Counselor, Educational Administrator, Speech Therapist

Course Titles: 

  • Education 1 (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Education 2 (Capstone - Year 2)
Hospitality Icon

Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation Industry


Food Service and Hospitality Pathway focuses on industry awareness in nutrition, food service management, customer service, food/beverage production, sanitation and safe food handling. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Restaurant Manager, Research Chef, Executive Chef, Banquet and Catering Director, & Food Expeditor.

Course Titles: 

  • Culinary Fundamentals (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Catering and Food Service (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Advanced Culinary Arts (Capstone - Year 2)

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway focuses on different aspects of the hospitality industry related to lodging, travel, tourism, event planning, attractions, theme parks, exhibitions and recreation. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Guest Service Agent, Director of Conference Services, Certified Meeting/ Event Planner, Theme Park Director

Course Titles: 

  • Intro to Hospitality (Concentrator - Year 1)