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Monterey High Pathways

Arts Media Icon Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry


Design, Visual, and Media Arts Pathway includes occupations that use visual art, digital media, and web-based tools and materials as the primary source of expression and communication. ​​Occupations associated with this pathway include: Digital Animator, Artistic Director, Commercial Artist, Web Designer, Museum Curator

Course Titles: 

  • Media in the Digital Age (Concentrator - Year 1) AMP Academy Only
  • Digital Media Design and Communication (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Advanced Media Technology (Capstone - Year 2)

Production and Managerial Arts Pathway focuses on both the technical skills and the organizational and managerial knowledge necessary to bring arts, media, and entertainment to the public. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Event Planner Producers/Directors for Theater, Television, Concerts, and Motion Picture Stage Manager/Production Manager Talent Management Theatrical and Broadcast Technician

Course Titles: 

  • Professional Actor’s Training (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Stage Directing and Production (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Stage and Studio Production (Capstone - Year 2)

Performing Arts Pathway focuses on the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist instead of through a secondary physical medium. Performing artists are themselves the medium of creative expression. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Music Arranger, Conductor Actor (e.g., Stage, Film, Video, DVD), Dancer

Course Titles: 

  • Dance 1 (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Dance 2 (Capstone - Year 2)
  • IB Professional Dance HL1 (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • IB Professional Dance HL 2 (Concentrator - Year 2)
Engineering Icon Engineering and Architecture Industry

Engineering Design Pathway provides learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in the design and production of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Mechanical/Electrical Drafter, Design Engineer, Manufacturing Design Engineer

Course Titles: 

  • Robotics Engineering Technology 1 (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Robotics Engineering Technology 2 (Capstone - Year 2)


Transportation Icon Transportation Industry

Systems, Diagnostics, Service, and Repair Pathway prepares students for postsecondary education and employment in the transportation industry, which includes but is not limited to motor vehicles, rail systems, marine applications, and small-engine and specialty equipment. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Service Technician/Maintenance Worker/Shop Foreman, Technical Writer, Dispatcher, Engineer, Investigator/Inspector

Course Titles: 

  • Automotive Technology (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Automotive Engineering, Theory and Design  (Capstone - Year 2)


Health Science IconHealth Science and Medical Technology Industry

Patient Care Pathway focuses on occupations or functions involved in the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Kinesiotherapist, Nurse Anesthetist, Respiratory Therapist, Radiologic Technician

Course Titles: 

  • Exploration of Health Careers and Personal Wellness (Concentrator - Year 1) SPARC Academy Only
  • Sports Medicine: Kinesiology (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Sports Medicine: Athletic training (Capstone - Year 2)

Biotechnology Pathway focuses on occupations and functions relevant for understanding and solving biomedical problems and creating products to improve the quality of human life. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Clinical Trials Research Coordinator, Forensic Pathologist, Biostatistician, Geneticist Lab Assistant

Course Titles: 

  • Biotechnology 1 (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Biotechnology 2 (Capstone - Year 2)