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Health Science Icon Health Science and Medical Technology Industry


Patient Care Pathway focuses on occupations or functions involved in the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Kinesiotherapist, Nurse Anesthetist, Respiratory Therapist, Radiologic Technician

Course Titles: 

  • Exploration of Health Careers and Personal Wellness (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Introduction to Health Careers - MEDA 100 (Dual Enrolled Course)
  • Patient Care (Capstone - Year 2)
Hospitality IconHospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry 

Food Service and Hospitality Pathway focuses on industry awareness in nutrition, food service management, customer service, food/beverage production, sanitation and safe food handling. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Restaurant Manager, Research Chef, Executive Chef, Banquet and Catering Director, & Food Expeditor.

Course Titles: 

  • Culinary Fundamentals (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Catering and Food Service (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Advanced Culinary Arts (Capstone - Year 2)
Arts Media IconArts, Media, and Entertainment Industry


Production and Managerial Arts Pathway centers around providing students with managerial and organizational knowledge focused on technical skills to provide arts, media and entertainment to the community. Occupations associated with this pathway include: Event Planner, Producers/Directors, Stage Manger/ Production Manager, Talent Management, and theatrical and Broadcast Technician

Course Titles: 

  • Digital Music Production 1 (Concentrator - Year 1)
  • Digital Music Production 2 (Capstone - Year 2)
Renee Mondragon
Work-Based Learning Specialist for Patient Care Pathway
Kimberly Moir
Career and College Specialist for Food Service and Hospitality Pathway
Nancy Rodriguez
Work-Based Learning Specialist for Production and Managerial Arts Pathway